Negar M. Khorasani was born in Tehran, Iran, to a family with generations of cultural abundance. Her father was a geography, history, and sociology teacher (BSc in History and Geography from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, MS in Adult Education, MS in Economic Geography from Tehran University) among whose hobbies were reading, writing poems, painting, and playing flute. Negar's mother was an English teacher (BSc in English Literature from University of Tehran) a pious lady with calligraphy being her hobby after her grandfather and her great grandfather who were both recognized by the Royal family at the time as the finest calligraphers of their own time and were granted royal titles such as “Kateb-ol-khaghan” and “kateb-ol-soltaan”.

Negar showed talent in drawing and writing from a very early age. She wrote her first short stories at the tender age of 12 and shortly thereafter began writing poems. She joined a well-known institute called Roudaki Hall to take drawing lessons and began attending poetry classes.

After graduation from high school Negar enrolled in Computer Software Engineering program at Azad University of Kashan located in the city of Kashan, her favorite poet, Sohrab Sepehri's home town. During the university years love for the Persian literature motivated her to join the group of young poets at the university and the city of Kashan. At that time Negar took both reciting and writing poetry more seriously and received considerable recognition along with many fine letters acknowledging her ability to compose and recite poetry.

At the biennial of her bachelor program Negar moved to Tehran and graduated from Azad University of Tehran with a degree in engineering. After graduation she chose the creative path of web/multimedia/UX design as her profession.

In 2006, the young woman moved from Tehran to Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Markdale, Ontario since 2016.

Negar has been inspired by plants, animals and in short nature, philosophy, and art which always remained her interest along with her profession as a computer software engineer specialized in User Experience Design. She started self discovery and life purpose journey at a very young age and at the age of 21 she started practicing Heartfulness meditation. Traveling to India and staying in Ashrams several times, helped her to learn more about this type of mediation from great masters. She believes that practicing meditation since youth has helped her to get closer to the core of her being and find her true purpose in this life time. She has always been fascinated with natural remedies and herbal medicine, this led her to receive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2017, and to practice this ancient holistic approach. She enjoys spiritual education and discoveries, as well as poetry, drawing, design, and music.

While Negar is still active in her artistic inspirations, she has become a founder of New Earth Estate, an organization that focuses on Community, Eco-Tourism, self-improvement and soulful events. Recently Negar has turned her attention to writing poetry in English and has developed a remarkable ability in translating poetry from English to Farsi. Her skill at articulating literature, which appeared at an early age, has matured over the years, and to hear Negar read or recite a poem in either language is a very moving experience, and opens the heart to feel and hear the messages that the poems carry within their depths.

She translated an amazing spiritual oriented poetry book of Wings Of Wonder, by Robert McAlpine, to Persian which was published in Iran and also Canada separately and you can get the one published in Canada which is a bilingual book at the bottom of this page.

The second book she translated which was published in Canada and USA is called In the Maze of Imagination a combination of poems and paintings by Mahmoud Motamed-Khorasani, Negar's father. This book was originally in Persian and was translated into English and was published and distributed by Amazon in 2022 and you can purchase the book in paperback or eBook through Amazon.

Wings of Wonder

In two languages Farsi / Persian and English

The wings of wonder beating within the rhythm of the wind, dissolving what seemed so solid … This book is a result of The Pause: that moment of total dis-engagement from the world of forms and appearance, which allows a perspective that is both magnified, and enhanced – a perspective of Wonder. In the poem, “Canada in Springtime” we see Gordon Lightfoot as a magician who lifts a nation on steel rails, in “Worthy Pen” a writer becomes an instrument of God; and morning is revealed as launching pad for the birth of Wonder in “Morning Magic”. The pause is stillness in which a pure sound, an idea is heard and written on the page. Each poem has its own environment: the clif dwellings in Canyon De Challey, a summer day in Caledon, Ontario, the view of an editor losing her linear mind. And I, the poet, turned upside down in the ecstatic view of an enriched perspective.